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*Diabetes Technology & Therapeutics, Volume: 25, Issue: S2, Page A-88, February 2023
**Diabetes Technology & Therapeutics, Volume: 25, Issue: S2, Page A-41, February 2023

It's a revolution! To be diabetes-free without medicines or insulin. Twin's Reversal Technology is the 1st of its kind to provide doctors with all the resources for Diabetes Reversal.

Dr. Arun Vadavi

30 yrs of exp

Dr. Paramesh Shamanna
MBBS, MD, Post Graduate Diploma in Diabetology, Bangalore

30 yrs of exp

Dr. Mala Dharmalingam
MBBS, MD, DM Endocrinology (AIIMS), Bangalore

23 yrs of exp

Dr. Suchin Bajaj
MBBS, MD - Medicine, UMSHCP, Delhi

24 yrs of exp

Dr. Banshi Saboo
MBBS, MD, DM Endocrinology (AIIMS), Ahmedabad

24 yrs of exp

Dr. Kakalee Saha
MBBS, MD(USA), MPhil, MSc Diabetology, Mumbai

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How Twin Works

Twin’s Whole Body Digital Twin Technology™

How Twin Works

Twin’s Whole Body Digital Twin Technology™

WBDT creates a blueprint of each person’s unique metabolism and determines the optimal, sustainable path to healing - tailored to each person. Members are empowered - for the first time - with precise, real-time daily actions to remission their disease across a range of factors (sleep, activity, breathing, nutrition, and medication).

Members can personalize their experiences to align with their lifestyles and preferences. Twin couples this technology with a compassionate care team, which is critical to building trust, support, and accountability.

Metabolic Health Service for Life

WBDT™ + Precision Treatment + Compassionate Care

Everyone’s metabolism is different. What’s most impactful for you is different from what’s most impactful for someone else. Your Whole Body Digital Twin™ delivers precise, personalized guidance about nutrition, activity, sleep, and breathing through an easy-to-use app.

Twin is a treatment with 3 phases - normalise in 3-4 months, heal in the next 3-4 months, sustain thereafter.

Precision Nutrition is scientifically formulated to repair and heal damaged metabolism. Your Whole Body Digital Twin™ overlays your food preferences with your body’s requirements and metabolism. It then suggests a sustainable diet that optimally combines macro, micro and biota nutrients.


Based on the health signals, your Digital Twin recommends activities that are precise to your body. It also ensures that the activities are based on your preferences and they fit in your daily routine.


Based on your previous night's sleep quality, the Whole Body Digital Twin™ recommends precise sleep hours, every day. Your Digital Twin understands your sleep patterns every day and recommends precise methods to improve the duration & quality of sleep.


Based on your health signals & everyday mental stress levels, your Whole Body Digital Twin™ recommends you personalised meditative breathing for a precise duration. This helps in overall mental & physical well-being.


Program Inclusions

WBDT™ and Compassionate Care team

Integration of sensor-based biomarker data & personal preferences.

AI/ML-driven personalized recommendations.

Real-time feedback and insights that adapt as metabolism heals.

Easier over time, fits within personal preferences and lifestyle.

Your WBDTTM plays an essential role by consistently monitoring and analyzing your daily lifestyle choices in order to come up with a plan that is best for you and your metabolism.

Exclusive access to track your daily health progress, to be in touch with your Care Team, etc.

A dedicated professional Health Coach & Doctor to monitor and support your reversal every step of the way.


Going Beyond Diabetes

Comprehensive Metabolic Health for you

Your Digital Twin comprehensively tracks your metabolic health and helps you improve 10 metabolic conditions - Diabetes, Weight, BP, Cholesterol, Insulin Resistance, Inflammation and diseases affecting the Kidney, Liver, Pancreas & Heart.

Twin also monitors & diagnoses you for 200+ diseases continuously.

Customer Success Stories

Years of Research. Internationally Acclaimed.


04 June 2022

AI Offers Significant Rate of Remission for Diabetes

A new study on Whole Body Digital TwinTM reveals the highest reported rate of remission of type 2 diabetes to date.

Read More


9 September 2020

22nd European Congress of Endocrinology

Utilising internet of things and artificial intelligence to enable twin precision treatment for reversal of type 2 Diabetes

Read More


25 September 2020

Diabetes Therapy

Reducing HbA1c in Type 2 Diabetes Using Digital Twin Technology-Enabled Precision Nutrition: A Retrospective Analysis

Read More

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Let’s get the Facts Right!

Not at all. Type 2 Diabetes can be reversed

Diabetes can be reversed by treating its root cause - the damaged metabolism. Successfully reversing diabetes requires precision treatment, medical oversight, advanced technology and some effort from your end! :)


Normalise your blood sugar without medicines. And sustain it.

When the damaged metabolism is fixed, the insulin resistance drops, internal organ health improves & eventually the beta cells are regenerated resulting in complete diabetes reversal.


Heal your damaged metabolism & reverse diabetes.

Though the root cause of diabetes is known, doctors never had the right resources to address it & hence treated the symptoms. With Whole Body Digital Twin, we enable treating the root cause, not just symptoms.


Your Metabolism is as Unique as You

Different people respond differently to the same food or activity. Your body’s response to the same food or activity is not the same everyday. So, you need a treatment that precisely monitors and fixes all the inputs (nutrition, activity, sleep, breathing etc) to your metabolism, thereby healing the damaged metabolism.


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Frequently Asked

Diabetes is a progressive disease that continues to get worse over time. This causes complications in every part of your body such as the kidney, heart, nervous system, eyes, etc. Hence, diabetes management is not the solution but reversal is!

We are the first in the world to precisely treat the damaged metabolism using our AI-based Whole Body Digital Twin™ technology. Apart from diabetes reversal, our program ensures 10 other health improvement factors (Twin-10 Health).

Normalising blood sugar & reducing HbA1c levels without medication is the 1st step towards reversal.
Our treatment involves 3 phases:
  • Normalise
  • Heal
  • Sustain
Hence, it’s ideal to stay in the program for a year for sustained diabetes reversal.

Yes! No-cost EMI options are available with easy monthly installments.